We are now offering customized spa parties for your special event.  Whether a birthday, wedding, baby shower, bachelorette party, anniversary, family reunion, or just because; we can help create an event everyone will rave about.

European Facial

Express European Facial:  Enjoy the wonderful reality of having 30 minutes devoted to making your beauty shin through.

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage:  This massage will get you into the most gelled out and relaxed state you could wish for.  We use Swedish massage and gentle range of motion techniques to amplify your relaxation experience.


Reflexology:  We will work through reflex points and areas in your feet, hands, and ears as you relax into this customized session.

Treatment Massage

Treatment Massage:  If you have specific pain or chronic muscular discomfort, we can help you with that.  In this session, we will assess and treat you for decreased symptoms.

Body Glow

Body Glow:  This exfoliation treatment on your back will give your skin a luminous glow that feels and looks amazing.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage:  We offer hot stone massage in our office for a wonderful relaxation experience.

Aromatherapy and Hot Towel Steam

Aromatherapy & Hot Towel Steam:  We offer complimentary aromatherapy & hot towel steam for each client in the spa party.


Yoga:  Interested in an active element to your spa party?  We can give your group a class in yoga with an emphasis on partner poses, breathing better, or another theme.

Core & More

Core & More: This class will give the group specific exercises that strengthen the core muscles and stretches geared toward lengthening typically tight muscles.